Owlting( Obook Holdings Inc.)was registered on year 2011 Owlting is a SoLoMoMa ecosystem platform that focus on Social, Local, Mobile and Map. It has a vision to be Airbnb for global merchants.

Owlting market currently is the top e-commerce platform in Taiwan for fresh food and delivery like daily fresh milk from the farms. It not only help those farmers earn 5x to 10x more using thepower of e-commerce, but also reduce food wastage. It direct P2P selling model also helps consumers to get cheaper products. It currently target middle and higher market consumers.

Owlting travel just started in early 2016 and expected to generate a big amount of revenue in thisbillion dollars lucrative tourism business. Owlting travel not only provide hotel booking and carsrental but also local guided tour arrangement and shop local souvenirs on their platform. Clients can get 3% rebate from their travel bookings and spend on owlting market. It also have a blockchain review and payment system